• NOTICE: New 3D Product List Template Implemented
    In order to provide greater guidance, improved structure and version control, the 3D Product List template has been amended and uploaded for implementation. Please take note of the following amendments: COLUMN A: The Version Number of the product list is indicated in the spreadsheet document in the very first cell. The number on the sheet (more...)
  • NOTICE: Guideline 7.04, Annexure B applications now available online
    Annexure B applications in terms of Guideline 7.04 may now be made online. This may be found by going to Applications - Health Supplements-Annexure B Application. Please note: these applications are only relevant for Annexures of Guideline 7.04 that are implemented and not for Annexures yet to be published for public comment.
  • NOTICE: Updated Guidelines Published
    New versions of SAHPRA Guidelines related to Category D (Complementary Medicines) have been published on www.sahpra.org.za. These documents are also provided for easy reference on SAHPRA CM by clicking here.
  • NOTICE: Site Maintenance
    The SAHPRA CM website will be down from 20h00-23h00 on Tuesday, 02 June 2020 for maintenance. Please ensure that any applications currently in progress are saved or work completed by 20h00.