Guidance documents specific to Category D - Complementary Medicine:

General Notices


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Guideline 7.01: Complementary Medicines - Discipline-Specific - Safety and Efficacy
(June 2020 - version 3.1)

Guideline 7.02: Complementary Medicines - Roadmap and Transitional Arrangements
(December 2021 - version 2.3)

With respect to licensing of facilities (section 3.1), this Guideline is not applicable to any product associated with the cultivation or manufacture of Cannabis-related pharmaceutical products containing Tetrahydrocannabinol greater than 0,001 percent. Intended licence holders must instead refer to the SAHPRA Guideline 2.44 – Cultivation of Cannabis and Manufacture of Cannabis-related pharmaceutical products for medicinal and research purposes on

Guideline 7.03: Complementary Medicines - Use of the ZA-CTD Format in the preparation of a Registration Application
(June 2020 - version 3.2)

Refer to Guidelines 7.01, 7.04 and 7.05 for specific guidance for each section of a CTD application.

Guideline 7.04: Complementary Medicines - Health Supplements - Safety and Efficacy
(March 2022 - version 4.3), including:

Annexure A: Category Decision Tree
Annexure B: Motivation for the inclusion of a non-listed Substance as Health Supplement
Annexure C: Allowable levels and claims: Probiotics
Annexure D: Allowable levels and claims: Prebiotics
Annexure E: Allowable levels and claims: Vitamins
Annexure F: Allowable levels and claims: Minerals
Annexure G: Allowable levels and claims: Proteins and Amino acids
Annexure H: Allowable levels and claims: Animal Extracts, Products and Derivatives
Annexure I: Allowable levels and claims: Fats, Oils and Fatty Acids
Annexure J: Allowable levels and claims: Carotenoids
Annexure K: Allowable levels and claims: Polyphenols (including Bioflavonoids)
Annexure L: Allowable levels and claims: Aminosaccharides
Annexure M: Allowable levels and claims: Saccharides
Annexure N: Allowable levels and claims: Enzymes
Annexure O: Allowable levels and claims: Other

Guideline 7.05: Complementary Medicines - Registration Application ZA-CTD - Quality
(June 2020 - version 2), including:

Annex A: Stability testing (June 2020 - version 2)
Annex B: Naming and labelling conventions for active ingredients in complementary medicines (June 2020 - version 2)

Guideline 7.06: Complementary medicines - Guidance on Specified Substances
(January 2022 - version 3.2), including:

Annex 1: Caffeine
Annex 2: Menthol
Annex 3: Camphor
Annex 4: Cannabidiol (CBD)

Guideline SAHPGL-INSP-02: SA Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice for Medicines
(Sep 2022 - version 8)

Note: SA GMP Guideline should be consulted for the local requirements, as contained in the linked document. SA GMP is reliant on PIC/S GMP which may be used for general guidance on GMP with specific reference to those documents indicated below. These updated links are provided here for your convenient reference:

Guideline 4.02: SA Good Wholesaling Practices for Wholesalers
(November 2019 - version 2.1)


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